The ultimate summer survival kit

Summer is an incredible time to enjoy the great outdoors, discover new places, spend time with family and friends, and dig into the fresh and delicious fare that comes with the season. However, as we sometimes tend to do as human beings, we can over do it and become a bit gluttonous in our choices which often results in temporary regrets and symptoms we don’t appreciate.

If you happen to be one of those people whose willpower takes a back seat to the carnival that is summer, you may want to stock up on the following items to make sure the various hangovers don’t wreck your ability to enjoy it to the fullest.

Non-toxic sunscreen

In a perfect world everyone could enjoy the sun for a few hours without burning and looking like a strawberry pop tart, but the reality seems to indicate that this is simply not the case. And rather than acclimating and using clean sunscreens appropriately, we tend to throw ourselves out in the mercy of the sun, either unprotected for too long, or worse, with toxic sunscreens baking into our skin.

So, arguably, the most important thing to have to survive summer without excessive skin damage, is a non-toxic sunscreen and applying it after getting some vitamin D, and before you start to burn. This will make summer so much more enjoyable, and mitigate further related health challenges down the road.

For a non-toxic sunscreen with a good SPF that can be conveniently carried, get the Health Ranger’s Sunstick SPF 30. If you do get sunburned, use aloe vera to repair the damage and ease the symptoms.

Electrolytes and minerals

With warm summers, the chances of dehydration are real. With that, you can suffer from all kinds of nauseating symptoms, including sunstroke.

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The knee-jerk reaction is to simply drink more water, and while that is a reasonable assumption on the surface, it doesn’t pass muster when you consider most people are drinking dead, chemically treated water. This type of water does a very poor job of hydration and is not your best choice on a warm summer day.

To make sure you are properly hydrated, ensure that your water is free of contaminants, first. This means removing fluoride, chlorine, VOC’s, and more. You’ll most likely need a water filtration system to do the job (unless you have access to a clean spring), and that is a good start. However, to create proper hydration you will want to ensure you are replacing electrolytes and minerals, both which are very important in the hydration process. Sports drinks do not cut it, and in fact, are one of the worst options with their artificial colors, flavors, sugars, and other synthetic ingredients.

So to ensure you are being adequately hydrated with plenty of electrolytes and minerals, eat water-dense foods (raw produce), get some coconut water, or grab your purified water and add the Health Ranger’s Concentrated Mineral Drops and Electrolyte Drops. This will help you avoid dehydration (especially when drinking alcohol) and keep your energy up in the draining sun.

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Let’s be real…summer is often a time of gorging oneself with the endless table of food at the pool side, cabin, or backyard. With so much food intake, and much of it being difficult to digest (especially with poor food combinations), you could use some extra power to make sure you are not suffering from stomach pains or the “energy suck” that comes with not being able to metabolize your food correctly.

This is where enzymes come to the rescue. Taking a few with every meal, or every time you eat, will provide you with some extra digestive fire to help put out any signs of discomfort that may flare up after a feast. A full spectrum and intense formula will help break down a variety of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, so you don’t need a long nap or an anti-bloating formula after every meal.

Seeking Health’s Pro-Digestion Intensive would be an excellent choice to keep with you at all times.

From a food perspective, enzyme-rich foods you could work into your meals include sauerkraut, papaya, pineapple, and bee pollen (great on fresh fruit).

Liver support

Staying on the “Keeping It Real train,” summer is one of the biggest alcohol infused seasons, and with that comes pressure on your precious liver. You don’t need to overdo it to hurt your liver (although, this is often bound to happen), but the consistent consumption of alcohol along with other toxic food choices leaves your liver wishing it had a new owner. That is, unless you make sure to give it some TLC when it needs it the most.

Find out what happens when you drink too much alcohol.

For these reasons, it’s not a bad idea to take liver supporting herbs daily. This can help provide the support your liver needs to lessen the abuse.

A great formula to have on had during these times is the Health Ranger’s Liver Support Herbal Extract. It’s easy to take and have in your pocket, should the need arise. Adding electrolytes like the Health Ranger’s Electrolyte Drops may also help considerably, according to this study.

So there you have it – your summer survival kit. If you use it wisely, you can bet this will be your best summer yet.

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