02/23/2016 / By Julie Wilson

When it comes to health, “cannabis” is the new buzzword. Though this all-natural plant has been around for thousands of

12/30/2015 / By Vicki Batts

If you want to beat depression, studies say eating more fish might just do the trick. Fish, especially fatty ones like salmon, mackerel,

12/29/2015 / By Vicki Batts

Chickpeas, or garbanzo beans, are the main ingredients in some of your probable-favorite foods. Hummus, falafel, and pasta e fagioli,

12/28/2015 / By Vicki Batts

Statistics show cancer is constantly on the rise. While this should be cause for alarm, this fact is really not at all surprising,

12/21/2015 / By Vicki Batts

The unofficial nut of the South may soon be held dear across health food circles as well. In fact, Margaret

12/03/2015 / By Vicki Batts

New research suggests that eating healthy in your 20s will indeed impact your health for the rest of your life.

11/30/2015 / By Vicki Batts

Saturated fats have taken the blame for heart disease and high cholesterol for decades. However, new research shows this may

11/25/2015 / By Vicki Batts

This overlooked trace mineral may be the secret to shedding pounds, according to a new research conducted by the University

11/12/2015 / By Vicki Batts

If you’re thinking about skipping out on getting another ineffective flu shot this season, you might be keen on adding

11/12/2015 / By Vicki Batts

Spirulina is one of the most potent superfoods you can find. This nutrient-dense, blue-green algae is rich in vitamins, minerals,

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