Long-term consumption of yerba mate found to strengthen your digestive system

Proper digestion is essential for good health. Yerba mate, an herbal drink that’s been going through a surge in popularity over the last few years, is linked to various health benefits, including improved digestion. Its effects are so remarkable that it has been linked to weight loss and even improvements in metabolic disorders.

Digestion is the process by which your body breaks down the food you eat through the combination of your gut’s movements and the enzymes released by your digestive system. You obtain the nutrients your body needs this way, so ensuring the process proceeds as efficiently as possible at all times is one of the keys to optimal health.

You may notice that some of the things you eat do not become fully digested. This is not necessarily an indication of a weak digestive system. Your body, after all, is not equipped to digest everything you eat. Dietary fiber and cellulose in plants, for instance, are not digestible for the most part, but your body processes them in other ways.

If anything, you may need to be warier if you are prone to frequent bloating and constipation as these may be signs of underlying problems in your digestive organs. There are many ways to improve digestion, of course, including changing your eating habits and choices and engaging in more physical activity. Another way to achieve this goal is to take dietary supplements that help improve digestion.

Yerba mate for better digestion

Yerba mate is a relative of the holly that is common in South America. It is used to make mate, also known as yerba mate, an herbal beverage taken as a supplement for its many health benefits. Although popular for its benefits to heart health and blood sugar control, a lot of people use it for its ability to improve digestion.

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Yerba mate is a choleretic agent, a substance that increases your ability to poop solid matter. It is ideal for people who have problems with expulsion or those suffering from an irregular bowel movement. Any difficulty in eventually expelling the food you eat could cause problems with your digestion, so a choleretic substance like yerba mate is essential for maintaining a functional digestive system.

Another effect of choleretics is an increase in the volume of bile produced by the liver. Bile is the substance used by the body to digest lipids or fat. As a choleretic, yerba mate can increase the amount of fat metabolized by your body, consequently reducing what gets stored away for future use.

People are taking advantage of this particular effect of yerba mate. The beverage is now known as a weight loss supplement that not only burns fat but also increases its users’ energy levels. Keep in mind that the body uses fat as backup fuel. If your metabolism of fat is increased, you will have more energy to spend, whether on your workout or your daily activities.

Science backs yerba mate’s weight loss benefits

A study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food found that yerba mate is an effective supplement for preventing obesity. Even mice given a high-fat diet were found to have lost weight — their ability to burn fat increased as well. Interestingly, the scientists found lower levels of insulin in the animals’ plasma. These led the researchers to conclude that long-term supplementation with yerba mate can help in treating obesity and insulin resistance while maintaining liver health.

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