Fight fatigue with these 7 detox superfoods

Are you always feeling sluggish or bloated? Do you often feel mentally fatigued? One of the most important, yet most overlooked things that could spell the difference between being healthy and sickly, is having a proper diet. Eating unhealthy, nutrition-deficient meals often causes toxins to build up in our bodies, resulting to all kinds of side effects. No one likes feeling bloated or having aches and pains, and while over-the-counter remedies would seem like the easiest solution, it’s still better to treat your bodies the natural way. Here’s a list of seven foods that can help detoxify your body, naturally. No juice diets and crazy, near-starvation methods needed — these are just simple, but nonetheless effective, additions you could incorporate into your diet:

  1. Dandelion – Eat the leaves with a nice salad. They’re high in fiber, iron, potassium and antioxidants to help heal and rejuvenate your system.
  2. Marigold – Especially good for women, marigold can help relieve period pains, in addition to fighting infections and cleansing your body with its antioxidant properties.
  3. Red Clover – This herb will cleanse your blood of heavy metals and toxins, as well as help clear skin conditions.
  4. Elderflower – Great for colds or sinus issues, elderflowers make excellent, fragrant teas. They also help decongest and relieve fluid retention.
  5. Golden Seal – This herb clears mucus, balances digestion and is antibacterial, as well.
  6. Echinacea – Echinacea boosts immune system and fights infections with its antibacterial properties. It may also come in the form of teas, tablets or juices.
  7. Cleavers – Cleavers are great for treating skin conditions, as it promotes good circulation.


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