Protect DNA and fight cancer with mistletoe extract

As the holiday season draws near, mistletoe will begin to adorn hallways and candles with its delightful scent will burn brightly. But, have you ever stopped to wonder if mistletoe could be used for more than just decoration? New research suggests that this holiday greenery could actually be very useful for fighting cancer.

In Europe, the leading alternative cancer therapy is mistletoe extract injections. The injections are often used in conjunction with conventional therapy to protect healthy cell DNA. Mistletoe extract also increases the efficacy of traditional cancer treatments while reducing harmful side effects.

Mistletoe is a semiparasitic plant that grows on a variety of trees, and had been used as a cure-all in other cultures for centuries. Scientists have recently discovered that mistletoe contains a number of properties renowned for their cancer fighting abilities, such as viscotoxins and lectins. Viscotixins have been reported to be active cancer cell killers and lectins to be excellent immune boosters by the American Cancer Society.

The University of Adelaide in Australia performed a study that found mistletoe extract to be more effective and less harmful than chemotherapy, as well. Despite all this, the FDA has rejected approval for use of the extracts.


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