Is ginger the natural cure for acid reflux?

The multi-billion dollar acid-blocker and acid-reducer industry may be popular with the masses, but studies show that a lowly spice may indeed be more effective at combatting the effects of GERD, acid reflux and general discomfort.

Ginger – your favorite sushi topping and tea – has many medicinal purposes. It’s long been recognized for its ability to sooth an upset tummy and calm your nerves, but research shows it can actually help to neutralize stomach acids and prevent damage caused by acid reflux. Research suggested it may be up to 8 times more effective at reducing stomach acidity than traditional therapies. It can actually be more beneficial than it’s drug counterparts because it doesn’t actually interfere with or remove the stomach acid barrier – which can leave you vulnerable to infection. Ginger is actually antibacterial and antiviral so it reinforces your protection against disease while also relieving your stomach condition.

Try a cup of ginger tea instead of that antacid next time your stomach is feeling a little rumbly after a meal. It will probably work better, and be better for you.


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