04/06/2017 / By Vicki Batts

Tom Brady boasts one the longest-lived careers in the NFL, and the 39-year-old quarterback reportedly hopes to stay on the

03/21/2017 / By Tracey Watson

Anyone who is ill enough to be admitted to a hospital for treatment is clearly in need of several things:

09/12/2016 / By usafeaturesmedia

( Trying to get fit in today’s world can be a bit overwhelming. There are countless trendy workouts to try, juices

01/26/2016 / By usafeaturesmedia

( If you’ve lived the simple homesteading life for any length of time at all, you know that a big

12/09/2015 / By Michael Bundrant

I don’t care. There they are. These three words say it all. You may be super frustrated with your weight.

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