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Top 10 natural ways to protect your skin from sun damage,

The sun is the source of life. It provides warmth, energy and vitamin D. Although the sun is the source of life, it is also a nuclear fire ball that showers the earth with ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause brown spots, sun burns, wrinkles and skin cancer — the most Read More

Top 10 benefits of avocados

Top 10 health benefits of avocados,

Avocados are on the rise in America. According to data from the Hass Avocado Board, sales for Hass avocados, the most widely consumed avocado in the United States, have nearly quadrupled since 2000. This beloved fruit is used in a variety of dishes and recipes. They can be used as a dip, spread or topping, Read More

Top 10 foods for improving blood pressure

Top 10 foods for improving blood pressure,

High blood pressure (HBP) infects the veins of society. It is defined as high pressure in the arteries, which are vessels that carry blood throughout the body. HBP increases the risk for heart attack, stroke, aneurysms and kidney failure. Blood pressure is the amount of force that blood exerts against arterial walls. It is measured Read More

Top 10 toxic ingredients used by mcdonalds

Top 10 toxic ingredients used by McDonald’s,

McDonald’s has a very complicated brand image: entirely unhealthy, yet an affordable option that is almost universally available. McDonald’s isn’t a place we go to get our nutritional needs met, and with most research connecting our Western/fast food diet directly to various diseases, such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease, one begins to wonder why Read More


What’s in your mouth might make you sick,

The American Dental Association claims that, when mercury is mixed with other metals, such as silver or copper, to create amalgam fillings, what they are creating are tough but inexpensive fillings that are “harmless.” Mercury is one of the most toxic elements on earth, and some amalgams contain up to 50% mercury! And they want Read More


You can grow these health-promoting superfoods in your own backyard!,

Autumn is the harvest season, and with its harvest come many great fruits and vegetables. While often overlooked for more exotic items, there are plenty of superfoods to be grown in your own backyard – or at least purchased locally. Here are 10 foods to look out for! Brussels sprouts: Rich in vitamins and minerals, Read More