Boost healing with these 5 foods

Friday, July 01, 2016 by

Do even the smallest of scrapes seem to take forever to go away? Do you seem to always have a bruise, somewhere? You may be missing key nutrients to aid and expedite the healing process. Here are five foods to eat for speedy recovery:

  1. Broccoli – The vitamin C in broccoli will help repair damaged skin and build collagen. It’s actually got more than an orange! And its got more protein too!
  2. Turmeric – This herb fights inflammation and bacteria, healing you from the inside, out. Make a paste mixed with water to calm inflamed skin topically.
  3. Beef – Red meat is rich in zinc, which is necessary for clotting and wound healing. Applying zinc oxide (found in diaper cream) to razor burn will help it heal and reduce redness.
  4. Red peppers – Vitamin A-rich red peppers speed healing by encouraging the repair process.
  5. Salmon – Rich in vitamin D3, which is needed to produce new skin cells, and it protects healthy cells.

Adding these foods to your daily or weekly eating regime will help keep you healthy and abrasion-free.




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