Five big dieting mistakes to avoid

Wednesday, January 06, 2016 by

When you go on the hunt for a better body, it’s an adventure full of mistakes and successes. Just be sure you don’t fall for one of these common mistakes.

1.  Not counting everything

If it goes into your mouth, write it down. Your best bet is to get a free calorie tracking app for your phone. This lets you enter in everything you eat when you eat it so you don’t forget. If there is one thing to do that will make the biggest difference, this is it.

2. Cheating too hard

Most people feel they should reward themselves once a week with a day of uninhibited eating. All this does, however, is lead to an upset stomach, major regret and an addition of calories that negate all the effort you’ve put in. Stop doing a day and just do a cheat meal once per week.

3. Not ramping up your workouts

In the beginning, your starter yoga DVD is perfect. However, your body will adapt and in order to keep making progress, you’ll need to adapt as well by taking on more challenging feats of strength as soon as a workout becomes easy.

4.  Being too restrictive

Eating healthy does not mean never tasting a donut again. In fact, many ruin their chances of success by starving themselves. Healthy eating is all about feeling full on the right foods.

5. Take a rest

You need rest so your body can repair your muscles, making them bigger in the process. Ideally, you’ll want a day of rest between each workout.




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