The Health Ranger reveals the truth behind zeolites — are they really beneficial for our health?

Thursday, December 31, 2015 by

Are zeolites really beneficial for our health?

As the director of the Natural News Forensic Food Lab, Mike Adams, via the Health Ranger Report, discusses some of his findings about zeolites, after doing some extensive testing and experimentation. Using the state-of-the-art Agilent 7700x ICP-MS instrument used to test foods and substances for toxic heavy metals, Adams discovered that many brands of zeolite contain extremely high aluminum content. While there’s nothing remotely surprising about this, given zeolites’ aluminum silicate structure, which, when used and understood correctly, can have positive, life-saving properties, the fact is, zeolites also contain a lesser known, but much harmful element — lead. As Adams reiterates, lead is a toxic heavy metal which can cause mental retardation, skeletal disorders and even cancer.

What does this all mean, then? Zeolites have been heavily marketed and pushed by many so-called health advocates. Have they been wrong all along?

Find out by listening to the Health Ranger Report’s episode below:



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