What you eat in your youth may affect how you age

New research suggests that eating healthy in your 20s will indeed impact your health for the rest of your life.

Dr. Michael Miedema and his team of researchers at the Minneapolis Heart Institute found that consuming more fruits and vegetables throughout your 20s reduced arterial plaque build-up even after twenty years. In fact, in their study of 2500 people, they found that the ones who ate the most fruits and vegetables had a 26% lower risk of developing calcified plaques than their produce-lacking counterparts.

According to Dr. Miedema, “People shouldn’t assume they can wait until they’re older to eat healthy – our study suggests that what you eat as a young adult may be as important as what you eat as an older adult.”

It’s common sense, really. You only get one body. You can’t just wake up one morning when you’re 45 and decide to start eating salads and expect it to undo decades of eating greasy, processed foods.

Getting enough nutrition at an early age really is more valuable for good health than most people realize.



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