5 toxins hiding in your toothpaste

Friday, November 13, 2015 by

Have you ever read the ingredient list on your toothpaste? If not, you may want to start now. Conventional toothpastes often contain toxins that we tend to overlook. While we may not actually eat toothpaste, you still absorb some of these toxins every time you brush your teeth. Here are the five common toxins to look out for in your toothpaste:

  1. Blue No. 1: This artificial coloring just makes your toothpaste look pretty; it has no benefit to you, or your teeth. In addition, it’s been shown to cause kidney tumors in mice.
  2. Sodium fluoride: Long touted by professionals as the key to healthy tooth enamel, research now shows that this claim is completely false. Fluoride, a neurotoxin, can actually be harmful to your enamel, and is linked to several health conditions, as well.
  3. Sodium saccharin: This is a very toxic, artificial sweetener that can increase your risk of bladder cancer. Sure, you spit most of it out. But your mouth and gums do absorb some first.
  4. Triclosan: Triclosan is a known endocrine disruptor. It’s found in most anti-cavity toothpastes, even though studies show it doesn’t help kill more bacteria anyway.
  5. Sodium lauryl sulfate: This ingredient can increase tooth sensitivity, and makes you more vulnerable to canker sores. It’s also the harsh surfactant used in industrial cleaners and shampoos.




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