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Friday, October 16, 2015 by

Did you know that tooth infections increase your risk for developing heart disease, inflammation and even cancer, or that root canals can harbor bacteria that leads to another, more serious infection?

Most biological dentists would suggest immediate extraction of any teeth that have root canals to prevent harmful bacteria from entering the blood stream. While conventional dentists simply prescribe antibiotics or perform an even deeper root canal – holistic dentists know that does not solve the problem. There are always some bacteria that prove resistant to either method – and in a small, concentrated area like in your tooth, this can lead to an extremely serious infection when the bacteria eventually repopulates. The best thing to do is remove the tooth and replace it with a non-mercury implant.

Biological dentists, you see, believe in whole-body health, while conventional dentists believe in teeth. The mouth is not a standalone body part in the eyes of holistic dentistry – its health affects the rest of the body. Holistic or biological dentists believe in mercury-free dental care that emphasizes healthy living, as well as a healthy diet to promote overall vitality.



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