Keep the weight off for a year and reap these 12 amazing health benefits

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We all know losing weight is healthy, but keeping it off for a year or more leads to a laundry list of health benefits, leading researchers to believe that long-term weight loss is the answer to so many health woes.

According to a recent, well-researched article published on PubMed, here are 12 benefits of sustained weight loss. These apply to a loss of 10% of body weight.

12 benefits of sustained weight loss

1. With less of a body to pump blood through, blood pressure decreases.

2. In addition, simply losing weight leads to overall increased heart health.

3. Type 2 diabetes risk decreases and those already with it see a slow of its onset.

4. Tied to better eating, losing those extra pounds means better blood sugar control.

5. Influenced by the size and type of diet, blood lipid levels improve, resulting in a decrease in bad cholesterol and increase in the good.

6. Any extra weight taken off of the joints is great, meaning reduced osteoarthritis symptoms.

7. Without pounds pushing down on your breathing apparatus, obstructive sleep apnea symptoms decrease.

8. Interestingly enough, shedding a few pounds helps with weight-related issues, such as improving obesity hyperventilation syndrome.

9. Asthma symptoms improve when the lungs don’t have to work as hard and are freed from excess pressure caused by weight.

10. Your cancer risk is reduced.

11. Did you know that quality of life vastly improves when you can fit through doorways, fit into chairs, walk without getting winded and otherwise see your toes?

12. Your mortality risk drops when you no longer force your body to live in a way it was never supposed to.

Slender News strives to provide weight loss research summaries from credible sources. Let this one be motivating to you!




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